Golf Greens With a Sea View in Algarve

Algarve Golf: Greens with a sea view
Greens with a sea view

Algarve Golf

Greens with a sea view

Between the blueness of the sea and the sky, there’s another colour that’ll catch your eye in the Algarve: GREEN. It’s the best kind of green, the green of around forty golf courses covering the whole region, which has been twice named the best golf destination in the world by the most prestigious golfing organisations and publications.

When you play golf in the Algarve you’ll discover the pleasure of playing to the sound of the waves, the birds and the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees shading you from the strong rays of the sun that shines all year-round. Whatever your level – beginner, amateur or professional the Algarve has the right course for you, with the official seal of approval of the greatest names in the sport. Take up the challenge of playing on one of them.

Hi, my name is Jimmy. When I first came to the Algarve, I realised that I just had to stretch my hand out of the car to touch a golf course. Since then, I have never left. Here’s a tip for all golfers and caddies: bring an extra club. When you see the size of the greens and the most challenging holes combined with the climate of the region, you’ll understand what I mean. There are only three things that will make me leave the green: when I’m tired of beating the competition, when I want to eat the best fish the sea can provide or when I want to take a break to drink the wine that Portuguese often refer to as their ‘water.’ Of course I shouldn’t be spreading this information but we’re too proud around here to keep it a secret any longer.
Jimmy Tarbuck – Comedian and Golfer

Algarve. Europe’s most famous secret

You have probably heard about the Algarve. A friend may have told you about one of its magnificent beaches, maybe you’ve seen a report about its cuisine or perhaps you’ve picked up a brochure before. But there is an Algarve that you haven’t seen, tasted or explored before: it’s the Algarve that the local people know and love.

For almost three thousand years Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Maghrebins and Mauritanians did what you do – they passed through the Algarve. Until, in 1249, the Al-Gharb (“the West”) was finally taken from the Islamic world by Sancho II, who took the title of King of Portugal and the Algarve.

Since then, the pride shared by the inhabitants of the Algarve has compelled them to reveal their region’s greatest secrets to visitors – about their favorite beaches, hidden hamlets, natural walks and even recommending the best restaurants.

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