The Horizon as a Meeting Point. Algarve

Algarve: Sun and Sea

The Horizon as a meeting point

Let us reveal a secret: the word Algarve comes from the Arabic “Al Gharb”, meaning “West”, but if you’ve been here before you know that it could also mean sun and sea. The sun shines brightly in the Algarve for around 300 days a year, during spring and summer naturally, but in autumn and winter as well.

The sea is always ready to welcome swimmers, surfers, body-boarders, divers, fishermen, yachtsmen, sailors and any other lovers of clear, warm waters.

You’ll find a coastline almost 200 km long, over 100 beaches, more than 50 of which fly the blue flag, and better still, a huge variety of landscapes, cliffs, endless stretches of sand, inlets, islands, lagoons, some of them well-known, others still secret and accessible only to those who know the way.

Take our advice: ask the locals. More than anyone else, they know the secrets of this land that gazes out to sea and is eternally bathed in sunlight.

Hi, my name is Marta and I have chosen to live in Sagres, the most south-westerly point in Europe. I believe I have the best of both worlds here: the southern coast, with its white sandy beaches hidden among the cliffs, and the western coast, with perfect surfing beaches and footpaths that take you to sleepy fishing villages, seemingly frozen in time, with migrating birds flying overhead. I would recommend my favourite beaches, all of them untouched by man and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, but I would be denying you the thrill of the discovery. Grab a 4×4 to explore and find your very own deserted paradise, it’s all about discovering your very own secret- this is the best local advice I can share with you.

Marta Mealha – Surfer

Algarve. Europe’s most famous secret

You have probably heard about the Algarve. A friend may have told you about one of its magnificent beaches, maybe you’ve seen a report about its cuisine or perhaps you’ve picked up a brochure before. But there is an Algarve that you haven’t seen, tasted or explored before: it’s the Algarve that the local people know and love.

For almost three thousand years Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Maghrebins and Mauritanians did what you do – they passed through the Algarve. Until, in 1249, the Al-Gharb (“the West”) was finally taken from the Islamic world by Sancho II, who took the title of King of Portugal and the Algarve.

Since then, the pride shared by the inhabitants of the Algarve has compelled them to reveal their region’s greatest secrets to visitors – about their favorite beaches, hidden hamlets, natural walks and even recommending the best restaurants.

[VIDEO] Algarve. Europe’s most famous secret