Meeting Industry Business, Not as Usual

Algarve: Meeting Industry: Business, not as usual
Meeting Industry: Business, not as usual

Meeting Industry

Business, not as usual

Opinions differ. Some people say the Algarve has become one of the most successful business destinations in Europe because of its year-round pleasant climate, the variety of its Mediterranean food, its historical and cultural heritage and, naturally its landscape, which combines heavenly beaches with the well-kept secrets of the mountain range.

Others argue that it attracts companies from every corner of the world because of the growing number of luxury hotels, providing the perfect conditions to host large conferences, small meetings and incentive travel, whether in a conference hall, a historic building or during a golf match, but both of them are certain about one thing: Faro International Airport receives professionals from Europe’s major capital cities every day and many of them answer “no” to the question: is this your first time in the Algarve?

Contrary to what many people believe, the Algarve is more than just a perfect holiday destination. I am a hotelier in this region and I can tell you that it’s also an excellent place to work. I realised this about fifteen years ago, when I started to think that the sun, the year-round mildness of the climate and the dynamism and beauty of this land could also serve to welcome people travelling on business. I therefore decided to refurbish my hotel so that I could organise meetings, conferences and other kinds of business events in addition to accommodating people and I have never looked back.
António Cardoso – Hotel entrepreneur

Algarve. Europe’s most famous secret

You have probably heard about the Algarve. A friend may have told you about one of its magnificent beaches, maybe you’ve seen a report about its cuisine or perhaps you’ve picked up a brochure before. But there is an Algarve that you haven’t seen, tasted or explored before: it’s the Algarve that the local people know and love.

For almost three thousand years Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Maghrebins and Mauritanians did what you do – they passed through the Algarve. Until, in 1249, the Al-Gharb (“the West”) was finally taken from the Islamic world by Sancho II, who took the title of King of Portugal and the Algarve.
Since then, the pride shared by the inhabitants of the Algarve has compelled them to reveal their region’s greatest secrets to visitors – about their favorite beaches, hidden hamlets, natural walks and even recommending the best restaurants.

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